Giving great gifts and presents – The stress-free way

Benefits of applying this knowledge:Gift closet

• Less stress due to last minute shopping.

• Save money by shopping well outside of holidays-seasons.

• Happier recipients due to better  gifts.

• Kick back and relax before and during Holidays.

Choosing your own identity – Being your ideal You.


Benefits of applying this knowledge:

• Actualize the vision of your ideal self.

• Be the director of your own personality and behavior.

• Make decisions easier by knowing your values.

• Be more centered as a person.

• Improved self-awareness and clearer life-direction.

• Other goal-setting will be easier when you who you want to be.

Kindness Boomerang

How to Brainstorm

Benefits of applying this knowledge:How to Brainstorm

• Generate lots of new ideas, angles, approaches and solutions.

• Get unstuck at times when you feel blank and “got nothing”.

• When you’ve “got too much”, it can help bring order to all your
thoughts by letting them pour onto the paper to later be arranged.

• “Stirs up the dust” and can create a fresh breeze of inspiration.

• Generates steps for goals and plans.

• Helps you break out of stale, established patterns of thinking.

• Helps you get going on something new when you don’t know where to start.

• Generates lots of possibilities you might otherwise overlook…

How to declutter a room and get organized

Benefits of applying this knowledge:Decluttering a room

• Maintain an organized room with less need for major decluttering.

• Save time by not having to search for misplaced items. You will know where your stuff is and find what you need immediately.

• Peace of mind. Physical junk weighs you down emotionally,
thus decluttering your room will have a decluttering effect on your mind as well.

• Since your outer world influences your inner world your mind becomes
calm and clear.

• You will feel more at ease inviting people over and they will feel more
at ease in your decluttered rooms.

Prioritizing Goals &Tasks (and other things…)

– To prioritize is to determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative importance.


Benefits of applying this knowledge:Prioritize

• More focus on what matters and less rushing between random things tugging at your attention.

• Peace of mind from the assurance that you are doing the things that really matter.

• Make the most of your time and get maximum rewards for the least amount of time and effort.

• Before doing things it is good to make wise choices about what to do for most benefit and happiness.

Correct and proper Running technique & Foot strike

Proper foot strike


Benefits of applying this knowledge:

• Use less energy to run fast.

• Reduce the risk of pain and injuries.

• Avoid “braking” with every step.

• Use your body’s natural shock absorption.

• Minimize the up and down “bouncing” with each stride.

• Distribute running workload optimally to avoid fatigue.